Camera Surveillance, Medical Alert, and Access Control Systems

Protecting your home or business against intruders or fire is just the first step. In addition to residential and commercial security and fire systems, I Am Guarded Security Systems, Inc. is trained to perform a large variety of services including the installation of surveillance, privacy access, and medical alert systems.

Camera Surveillance Systems

Have an extra set of eyes where you need it most. At home or at your business, video surveillance cameras have redefined security and protection. Incorporating surveillance protection into your home or business security system allows you to monitor the safety of your home or business remotely via your personal electronic device. I.A.G. Security provides 24/7 security monitoring to protect your home or business.

The benefits of a camera surveillance system are enormous

At home you can:

  • Watch your kids and visitors
  • See who’s knocking at the door
  • Remotely monitor your home while you are away

At your business you can:

  • Monitor your employees
  • Increase profit
  • Prevent theft

Reduce the odds of unwanted incidents occurring by investing in a quality camera surveillance system from I Am Guarded Security Systems, Inc.

Medical Alert Systems

Providing care for an aging relative can be a daunting undertaking. Due to the rising costs of nursing homes and assisted care facilities, more people are choosing home care for their elderly family members. However, research shows that more than 33% of elderly people—those 65 and older — fall each year. To protect your loved ones against a traumatic injury, more and more people are turning to medical alert systems, which provide 24/7 assistance in case of an emergency.

A medical alert system from I Am Guarded Security Systems, Inc.can be extremely useful in helping seniors stay safe as they age. It may allow your loved ones to stay in their home and retain their much valued independence while giving you the peace of mind that their safety is not being compromised.

Medical assistance is just a push of a button away with a I.A.G. Security medical alert system.

Access Control Systems

Recent advances in technology have allowed for greater protection capabilities for your home or business. Access control systems restrict access to specific locations by person, day of the week, or time of day. These systems allow you to replace traditional lock-and-key systems with more technologically advanced systems that can provide better security to your home or business. In addition to controlling access to specific locations, access control systems provide records of entry that allow you to know exactly when someone enters your secured location.

At I.A.G. Security we offer state of the art systems and components to meet your most challenging requirements. Whether you need a complex system or simple device, I.A.G. Security can meet all your security needs.

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